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The "Powerful Beauty K’onference" serves to Inspire, Connect and Educate.
As we celebrate the International Women’s day
the Powerful Beauty K’onference will be an impactful day 
filled with inspirational talks from renowned Powerful Beauties
pioneering guest speakers and audience testimonials,
including celebrating women's success stories

We are committed through leadership,to support women, 
by offering a true competitive advantage using the platform of:  
EducationEmpowerment and Engagement.
This Powerful Beauty Konference has been 
Executively Produced and Initiated by 
Multiple Award Winner Miss-K.
A Music Artist,Supermodel,Creative Director,and Humanitarian, 
who has been voted 1 out of 100 Most Inspirational Women in the World 
by W.A.W on International Women's Day in March 2019.
This year 2020 she has decided to emphasize her focus on women empowerment,something which was birthed out from her upcoming Book titled:
"Powerful Beauty:Breaking Barriers with K'urls, K'urves and K'onfidence".
Today,Miss-K is now launching the Powerful Beauty K'onference to support 
the United Nations agenda on their Women's Empowerment Programs.

To make the "Powerful Beauty K'onference" come to life,
Miss-K has teamed up with her dear friend, 
Mayor Cllr. Kate Anolue:Multiple Award Winner, 
Political Player, Humanitarian and Second time Mayor of Enfield

Inclusively Cllr. Anolue will also be chairing the event. 
Cllr Kate Anolue.
As part of our panel, our keynote speakers,will be joined by other leading 
"Powerful Beauties" from various industries. 
We will interview top female leaders to uncover their success stories 
and to find out how they see the future for women in their own industries.
As part of our "Powerful Beauty K’onference" commitment,
we will support self-expression by challenging stereotypes, 
and democratising beauty by representing a wide range of women.

Event Theme: "Step Into Your Power":
- Focusing on adjusting the broken consciousness of women 
and helping them to awaken and to step into their inner Power.
- Promoting the value of women to a multicultural audience 
through engagement and empowerment.
- Connecting women whose aim is to grow and step into their life purpose.
- Helping them become successful in fulfilling their personal Dreams.
In addition to our theme, we will also engage on 
the United Nations theme is aligned with women's new multigenerational campaign,Generation Equality: Realizing Women's Rightswhich marks the 25th anniversary of the of the Beijing declaration and platform for action.